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Resistance Update and Map Packs

There’s an update for Resistance: Fall of Man up, head on over to your on-line multiplayer to grab it. It allows global on-line play, that’s right you’ll no longer have to content yourself with pwning NA noobs, you’ll no be able to pwn noobs who don’t even speak english.
Also up, this time on the Playstation [...]

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Evidence of “euphoria” in GTA IV Trailer

Now that we’re all done watching the new GTA IV trailer the requisite 3 times (minimum), we can go about picking the thing apart and analyzing every little detail. There are Whole Other Sites dedicated to just this one game and the dissection of each surgically-leaked bit of media attached to it, so I won’t [...]


Illuminati PSP Hack Update

The fine lads and/or aliens over at have unleashed the v3.5 downgrader using the new Lumines hack. (Faithful reader Rui pointed out that Lumines sales have gone up… drum roll.. 14,000%. Hey Sony, do you think there’s a demand for this kind of stuff? Maybe want to look into it. Just sayin’.)
To use this [...]

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Random Updates

Be sure to complete all of your internet-related business before noon today. The next GTA IV trailer drops then and I’m sure the tubes will be mighty clogged with the fevered clickings of a thousand wannabe gangstas. Myself included. I won’t lie about it. Alt links: here and here. (I guess $50 mil gets you [...]

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The Darkness

Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360 (Reviewed on PS3)
Release Date: June 26 (US), June 29 (Europe)
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
ESRB: Mature
Genre: First Person Shooter
Multiplayer: Online and LAN only
Format: Blu-Ray (PS3), DVD (Xbox 360)
Official Website

In The Darkness you take on the role of Jackie Estacado, a hitman for the New York mob, on his twenty-first birthday. Jackie’s [...]


The GTA IV Special Edition Bundle

This is the Grand Theft Auto IV ÜberFanboy Super Special Edition XL Pro Bundle Extrrrrrrreme. It’ll cost at least $100 CDN (about $30 beyond a mere copy of the game.)
It contains:

the game
an art book (game production stuff)
’selected’ soundtrack which is supposed to contain new unreleased material from the artists
a duffel bag (yawn)
a keychain which contains [...]

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N’Gai Croal Gets the Scoop on WiiWare

The “staff” of the LeveUp blog over at Newsweek have a great scoop on Nintendo’s plans for downloadable content on the Wii platform – finally.
Original article here. Follow-up interview here.
The main points are:

DLC is coming for the Wii at long last; first titles to arrive in 2008
it will use the standard dev kit, not a [...]

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Nicole Kidman’s Brain on DS

Brain Age: 52
Acting Age: 5

And what’s with the Logan’s Run getup.

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The Infantilising Continues Unabated

In the U.K., this ad has been banned by the Adverts Council. It was running on the subway tube:

in its ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority said: “We considered that the vivid depiction of the crashed car and burning tyre, combined with the slogans implication that people could achieve inner peace through acts of violence, was [...]


NY Times Plays Manhunt 2, Shrugs

Nice to see some level heads out there in the ‘mainstream media’. Well, at least in the Arts section.
Choice quote:
I did not find Manhunt 2 particularly frightening or sickening, more like a violent interactive cartoon. But I’m used to games. As Mr. Zelnick suggested, I wanted to see how the game stood up against the [...]

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