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Illuminati PSP Hack Update

Sony PSP

The fine lads and/or aliens over at have unleashed the v3.5 downgrader using the new Lumines hack. (Faithful reader Rui pointed out that Lumines sales have gone up… drum roll.. 14,000%. Hey Sony, do you think there’s a demand for this kind of stuff? Maybe want to look into it. Just sayin’.)

To use this downgrader, you will need the following:

  • A PSP, upgraded to the official Sony v3.50 firmware. You should also set your language settings to “English”.
  • A legal Lumines UMD, either the EU (ULES00043) or US (ULUS10002) version. The original, Platinum, or Greatest Hits versions are all fine. Support for the Japanese version will come soon.
  • Sufficient intelligence and english language skills to be able to carefully and throroughly read the instructions.
  • It would also help if you’ve previously run the Illuminati Hello World, so that you’re familiar with how to run the Illuminati exploit.

Anyways go hit them at their page, because I’m just a guy standing on the side of the road, pointing at their wonderful little hack.

• • •

Update 1 – Sony has lobbed firmware v3.51 out into distribution. It does nothing. Well, nothing you care about, other than allegedly patching the above hack. It contains no feature changes, just the ’security patch’. So since it doesn’t actually do anything for you, and no current games require it, you can safely ignore the thing until a more significant update comes out.


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