Forza 2 “Not Bricking Consoles”

Ye Olde Red Ring

In the latest Pitpass Report Che Chou took some time to respond to the screaming forum banshees about the reported Forza 2 induced red rings o’ death and the subsequent deletion of that thread.

As for the recent controversy over a “deleted” forum thread discussing Forza 2 and hardware freezing, the truth is that I moved it to a moderator’s section for preservation and investigation. It has not been deleted (and I can easily prove it). The thread no longer served a real productive purpose other than as an excuse for folks to violate’s terms of service with ad hominem attacks. However, thanks to the thread, we are acutely aware that it is a very real issue with a small percentage of our community but a problem nonetheless.

We have been investigating the claim, based on reports from folks in our troubleshooting forum, that Forza 2 has been bricking Xbox 360s. We’ve gone and tested Forza 2 extensively against the hardware and have confirmed that the game itself does not brick Xbox 360 consoles. Although it might seem like the number of instances is high, especially if you go by forum reactions, it’s actually a very small percentage that it’s happening to and we acknowledge that it’s very frustrating. In other words, there isn’t really a software solution here.

It’s even more interesting what he says about the 360 failures themselves.

That said, you can get Microsoft to repair your Xbox 360 under warranty at no charge ($140 in the U.S. if you’re out of warranty). From what I understand, the Microsoft hardware team will ensure that newer units — or at least the ones they return to you — will have the red rings of death issue resolved.

(emphasis mine)

This may be the closest we’ll get to an admission of a design problem from Microsoft. Should we take Che’s word as gospel on this? Of course not, he’s the Community Manager for Forza 2 not an executive, not even an engineer (no offense to Che intended). It is still interesting, especially considering the close-mouthed nature of Microsoft on this issue.


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  1. Thanks for the pingback. . I definitely didnt expect a reply from Microsoft on the issue, so what I got was nice.

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