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Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: August 28, 2007 (N.A.)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Incognito / Sony Santa Monica Studios
ESRB: Teen
Genre: Multiplayer Fragfest
Multiplayer: 1-4 players offline (splitscreen), 2-32 players online
Format: PSN download (800 MB, $42.99 CAD) / Blu-ray release ($69.99 CAD w/ Bluetooth headset)
Official website
Warhawk looks like nothing special on paper. It’s a Battlefield clone that you’ve probably [...]


Still More Xbox Live Demos

Man, I just can’t keep up! Boy I sure wish I had a functioning Xbox 360 to try all these neat demos! Actually, a lot of these are pretty “meh”. But still.
TimeShift (582 MB): forgettable-looking FPS that’s supposed to let you manipulate time. Sounds cool, but in practice actually looks pretty dodgy.
NHL 08 (593 MB): [...]

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MTV Interviews Dead Head Fred’s John McGinley

MTV has a nice little interview with the main voice talent in Dead Head Fred, John McGinley, whom you will recognize and say to yourself Hey It’s That Guy, as you do with actors that you don’t know that you know but you actually do, in fact, know.
I haven’t played Dead Head Fred yet, but [...]

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – Gratis?

Merrick: “The vaccine will be distributed gratis.”
Al: Free gratis.
Merrick: Free gratis is a redundancy.
EB: Does that mean ‘repeats itself?’
Al: Then leave gratis out.
Merrick: What luck for me Al, that you have such a keen editorial sense. Free. Distributed Free. Period.”
– from “Deadwood”
Courtesy an interview flown to [...]

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Warhawk Online Drops At Midnight

12:01 AM EST. PSN Store.
You know where I’ll be. PSN ID: Nerfgun.

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The Baddest Names In Faming

They’ve got Halo 3! And Guitar Hero 3! and… Halo 3!
Dundas Square. Ugh. Link.


Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo on Live

Hey kids, check this out.
This game is based in World War II. How amazingly unique is that? Huh? World War II.
I’d never in a million years imagine a game with this setting in my mildest dreams.
927 MB of stunning originality.


Notable Releases: August 27 – September 2

The summer doldrums subside a bit this week for both the Wii and the PS3.
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
This is a delayed heavy hitter that many a Wii owner have been waiting a long time for. Early reviews are mostly positive; the controls seem to have been improved from previous versions with the addition [...]


Eye of Judgement + PS3 Eye Camera = $60 US

There’s this crazy little game coming out for the PS3 called Eye of Judgement. The base game is actually a “fighting card game”, in a similar vein to Magic the Gathering. You play with actual cards. The twist with EoJ is that it has been designed in tandem with the new PlayStation Eye camera to [...]

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Pandora’s Battery – Sony PSP Un-bricker

Faithful reader Rui sent in this tidbit about a new PSP hack called Pandora’s Battery that magically unbricks your PSP. It turns your regular PSP battery into a “service mode” battery which grants you special un-bricking powers.
Yes. A completely b0rked, unresponsive PSP that has been fried by a bad custom firmware can be retrieved from [...]

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