GTA IV Delayed – Mass Suicide Watch Begins For Gamers Worldwide

GTA IV delayed

I think I can safely speak for our collective readership when I say GODFUCKINGDAMMITALLTOHELL FUCK FUCK FUCK!

Here’s the article at Yahoo Finance. It’s grislier than watching a hooker get backed over with a fish truck:

“Grand Theft Auto IV” will now launch in fiscal 2008’s second quarter, which ends in April of next year. It was originally slated for release this October, ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season where video game publishers make much of their money. The company said it needs more time to develop the game.

“Obviously, we are very disappointed to reduce guidance after having previously reaffirmed it,” said Chief Executive Ben Feder in a statement. “Other than a matter of timing, the movement of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ does not compromise Take-Two in any way.”

Not in any way?
How about this way?

TTWO stock tanks


3 responses to “GTA IV Delayed – Mass Suicide Watch Begins For Gamers Worldwide”

  1. Freakin’ hell. Gives you time to beat the crap out of Heavenly Sword and Halo 3, I guess.

  2. That picture is absolutely hilarious, by the way.

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