Resident Pee Wee

Many years ago I was sitting around with some friends playing the thoroughly mediocre Resident Evil 2 on PS1. At some point in the evening, god knows why, one such friend popped in a Danny Elfman CD and started playing the game using that music as background.

First thing we noticed was that track 2 – the Batman theme – was way, way better music than what they actually used in the game. So we started trying a few other Elfman classics: Edward Scissorhands, Scrooged… and then we hit upon a winner.

Big Top Pee Wee.



4 responses to “Resident Pee Wee”

  1. I love that. what are the odds?

  2. SHIT! WoW! That is probably the most amazing and god-damn ass puckeringly funny music/game choreograph jobs that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Capcom dropped the ball on that one. Brilliant.

  3. I cant get enough…not since “house of cosbys” episode 1 have I viewed a movie over and over so much and still laughed.

  4. :) No editing, either – it just sort of spookily lines up.

    Makes me want to create a custom circus music soundtrack just for Dead Rising.

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