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Sorry for the Radio Silence


One day you’re blogging along, everything is fine, and then Life decides to call you up and demands revisions and corners you in an office to review changes and won’t leave you alone; and you’re all like, hey Life, fuck off, and Life is all like do this work bitch, because I’m fuckin’ Life and I say so. I’ll get you for that, Life. I don’t forget.

Here’s a big smorgasbord, a cornucopia, a multitude of stuff that passed by while I was indisposed.

Spore surfaces. Hey, I remember Spore!

Sony introduces PlayTV: dual-tuner 1080p PS3 peripheral, turns the console into a fully functioning PVR. In EUROPE only. Because their television remains relatively un-clusterfucked by cable companies.

Sony introduces Go!Messenger: video conferencing/IM/chat software on PSP. FOR BLOODY EUROPE. Because their mobile phone service, also, is relatively un-clusterfucked by TelCo’s. Goddammit. Maybe we’ll see the PSP GPS package (Go!Explore) over here. Wouldn’t hold my breath for the rest. Did I mention that they also get wireless streamed video via BSkyB? Which is ony available in… waitforit.. Eritrea! And Europe. Curse their advanced wireless-fu!

New Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer. Shows four new bosses. Extra freakiness included. Also available in Glorious Aich-Dee™ on PSN.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 announced (trailer link). I love those little bastards.

A demo of Folklore for PS3 has been released”for a limited time” (until Aug.31 - WTF is with that). It’s 1.1 GB. I’ll have impressions up soon but so far, I’m pleasantly surprised by how fun it is. Might be a real sleeper hit on PS3. It’s no Genji, that’s for damn sure. (And let us all be thankful that they decided to change the name from the original, utterly awkward Folks’ Soul. That name made me angry.)

Other Random Happenings:
Manhunt 2 returns, in a modified (cut) form, to gain a shiny new M rating for North America. Releasing on Halloween. No word on what happens for Britain, who decided that the game was an affront to sentience itself based on the video clips they watched.

BioShock BioShock BioShock. I’d say the kids like it. You can grab the musical score for free. You can download the artbook for free. And the kerfuffle over the slaying of little girls has predictably materialized. Be glad if you bought the console version. Don’t expect a PS3 version. This is such an easy call: BioShock will be Game of the Year. (And I haven’t even played it yet. I’m the only one!)

The full Rock Band track list is available for your perusal. I’m not going to even hide it – I have already fully bought into Rock Band and I could care less what Guitar Hero III turns out like. After reading that GH III has fucking Slash as a “playable character/boss” and now Bret Michaels, I am quite convinced that Neversoft/Activision are on the road to Perdition and nothing can save them. Rock Band has also been confirmed for PS2. (Whither Wii?)

PAX 2007 – the new E3 – opened a day ago. So much more news to come shortly, I’m sure.


2 responses to “Sorry for the Radio Silence”

  1. No, i’m the only one!

    My bud got it [Bioshock] recently, along with an Elite, and he’s been binging. His sleep clock is all fucked up now, and I’m unrelentingly jealous. School’s gone, girl’s away, weather’s erratic, only have a PS3/Wii — i need a goddamn single player game to get lost in! On top of all that, i went to some stupid anti-war protest yesterday in Maine that not only devoured my interest in “righteous causes”, but my Prime 3 funds as well. And i wasn’t even hyped for Prime 3! This… this is deperation.

    On the up side, i started PES 07 again and am in love once more. Woe is no longer me.

  2. On the road to Perdition because of Slash and Bret Michaels? LMAO. Come on, they had to make it bigger and better somehow!

    At any rate, now that I have BioShock, nothing else in life matters. Work? I’ll come in tomorrow. Eat? Maybe later. Mom needs medicine? She’ll be ok for a couple of days longer, won’t she? Bioshock is every bit as good as predicted.

    But don’t worry, I’m sure Microsoft followers will be griping about not being able to play Heavenly Sword or Killzone 2 when they’re released…..unless Sony somehow manages to lose the licenses for those too (Devil May Cry 4).

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