Notable Releases: August 27 – September 2

New Releases

The summer doldrums subside a bit this week for both the Wii and the PS3.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
This is a delayed heavy hitter that many a Wii owner have been waiting a long time for. Early reviews are mostly positive; the controls seem to have been improved from previous versions with the addition of the Wii Remote, adding some nice touches like the “fishing” grappling beam move and of course a more natural way of aiming the gun. And some characters actually speak in this Metroid. Not Samus though; she just grunts sexily, while flipping out and killing Mother Brains. I expect this one to sell out initially as there’s really been nothing to play on Nintendo’s newest system for a long time (Chicken Shoot notwithstanding, of course).

Blue Dragon (Xbox 360)
So Microsoft managed to round up Hironobu Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama, and Nobuo Uematsu – all of whom worked on Chrono Trigger – and what did they come up with? A 3-DVD game that looks like Dragon Ball Z meets Aladdin. I know some people are looking forward to this one but it’s just a little… a lot too romper-room for me. Complete with poop jokes. If you must try the game, and you aren’t already decided: rent it first. That’s my advice.

Warhawk (PS3)
This game somehow managed to emerge from Development Hell mostly intact, losing its single-player campaign in the process and becoming a multiplayer-only 3rd-person fragfest. The official reviews are a bit mixed, but if the 27-page thread on NeoGAF about the beta release is to be believed, it’s one hell of a ride; think Battlefield, but with crazy jets and tanks. You can buy this one in two flavours: as a 1 GB download from the PSN Store for $42.99 CAD (midnight release on Aug.28), or as a full-priced Blu-ray release that comes with a Bluetooth headset in the BluPackage.

Stuntman: Ignition (Xbox 360, PS2 this week; PS3 soon)
The idea behind this one is that you are a movie stunt driver; the game sets up courses for you to race (the “levels”) and you need to perform a certain number of stunts within the course to proceed. The original version was quite punishing in how strict it was. As I understand it, THQ has revamped the system to a looser “tolerance” for errors, rather than making you start all over each time. From what I’ve seen, the visuals are somewhat mediocre, and its hard to get excited about scripted events that never change. Maybe worth a rent though.

Dead Head Fred (PSP)
This looks like it could be a real winner. A Tim Burtonesque gumshoe-inspired adventure game that has you switching between various interchangeable heads that provide different abilities. The videos I’ve seen are pretty funny.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)
This was, if you can believe it, the very best selling game in Japan last year. Yes, more than Pokemon. I think they even have a church dedicated to it over there. You hunt monsters using gigantic armaments. You level up RPG-style. You direct your in-house cooking staff. You wear the skins of your fallen foes as jaunty hats. Graphically, it is very impressive for a PSP title. If you are a fan of those epic Final Fantasy-style battles, this is one for you.

Worms 2: Open Warfare (PSP, DS)
A bunch of worms play Scorched Earth using an assortment of wacky weapons. It’s a pretty cute game, and loads of fun with two players.

Also - Stranglehold got delayed by a week. Boo.


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  1. My Motorola bluetooth headset is gayer than a rainbow belt, but believe me, you WILL see my ass in Warhawk tonight if i can get ahold of someone’s credit card.

    Shall we, my dear? :]

  2. Heh. Yeah I’m all over it.

    Although I am anticipating a crushing blow to the Sony storefront that may well result in a dog-slow download. It’s only 800 MB or so but the last time this happened (Folklore) the whole network went fetal.

    But I’ll be there.

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