fl0w + Warhawk To Receive Downloadable Expansions

DLC expansions on PSN

Warhawk is an obvious choice, but fl0w was a little unexpected.

According to multiple posts around the blagotubes, the latest print issue of GameInformer claim that Sony plans on releasing expansion content for both of these downloadable titles in December.

The Warhawk update supposedly includes a new vehicle, the dropship, which can pick up and relocate vehicles and troops and well as providing some heavier air support. Allow me to take a moment to… what’s the word? Ah yes. Fap.

As for the fl0w expansion: a little preable here. I noticed a strange thing about fl0w when it was first released: the game makes you sign in to the PSN. Why? There is no online component to fl0w at all. There are not even leaderboards, since there is no score. I kind of chalked it up to Sony wanting to track penetration of this new DLC at the time. I thought, they probably just want to see how many people are playing the game (or non-game, as some would have it).

But in the back of my head, I wondered: are they planning on making fl0w into the world’s simplest MMO?

Specifically I was thinking about an aspect of Spore that I had read about, in the early game stages, which play a lot like fl0w. Other people’s various creatures are supposedly “farmed out” via net connection, so you are always playing with human-designed creatures in your game world – whether or not those original designers are online at that moment or not.

Since fl0w uses this simplistic evolutionary model of developing your sea creature, I thought this would be a cool experiment. Why not do a dead-simple MMO? No score, no voice chat, no drops, no characters… just… your fish. And the knowledge that all the other fish are actually real players.

It looks like they may well be doing something like that: the fl0w expansion adds another creature type, as well as some kind of multiplayer. I doubt it’s MMO-based, but who knows?


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  1. I just hope the Warhawk expansion doesn’t end up funking up the game with new glitch possibilities or something that throws off the balance. I heard they’re including a shotgun as well, but i heard it from a WH player so that info is strictly based in speculation. The dropship does worry me, but it might make the battles more full scale and grander, which wouldn’t hurt. More custom outfits is really what everybody wants. Custom paint jobs, too.

    A teeny campaign would be nice… Or if that’s too much to ask, go all new-age PSN future-y with it and do episodes that tell the story like Heavenly Sword did, except these would probably have to stretch out a little longer. That would kick some Eucadi-ass.

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