PS3 Firmware 2.0 Imminent – No In-Game XMB


Here is the press release for FW 2.0. [link > threespeech] As of this writing, it’s not showing up as an available update on the PS network yet.

There are some good features in there: the folders for XMB sorting are very welcome, and turning your PS3 on and off remotely with a PSP is a nifty trick. But where is the promised in-game XMB access? Cross-game messaging? These are fucking core things, and Sony needs to roll that shit out yesterday.

Full PR spooge after the jump.

Latest PLAYSTATION®3 System Software Update Allows PSPTM to Turn PS3TM On and Off from Internet Connection for Enhanced Remote Play

Ability to customise XMB™ and add personalised playlists for both music and photos also enabled

London, 8 November 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today the availability of the latest version of the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system software. Version 2.00 features the ability to turn a PS3 system on and off remotely, using a PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system via the Remote Play1 function, allowing for a truly mobile partnership between the two systems.

Building on the success and potential of the Remote Play functionality, Version 2.00 will cement the partnership between PS3 and PSP and create a truly global experience. With the ability to turn your PS3 on and off from Wi-fi connection, there is now the opportunity to listen to the music, look at the photos and watch the videos saved on the PS3 Hard Disk Drive, anywhere in the world.

To further enhance the PS3 offering, Version 2.00 allows for the creation of personalised playlists in both the music and photo sections. This simple to use function gives users an opportunity to create unlimited music playlists for all occasions, as well as sharing favourite photos in glorious high definition.

Continuing with the idea of a personalised PS3, Version 2.00 allows for customisation of the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu screen. Change the colour and brightness with the greatest of ease or have something completely different by setting a custom theme. With the potential for new backgrounds to become available on PLAYSTATION®Network in the future, Version 2.00 truly opens up a whole raft of options.

A host of other enhancements includes the addition of an Information Board on XMB to keep people up to date on the latest PlayStation® news, the inclusion of a new PLAYSTATION Network category and logo for easier navigation and Trend Micro Web Security, a free2, state of the art internet security system, designed to give parents peace of mind.


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  1. Found your trackback on Threespeech. Exposure! (though when i clicked, your site said “Not Found”)

    All i cared for in the update was in-game messaging, but i’m not upset over it. It’s coming at some point. 2.0 is nothing to get excited over, though. The biggest thing in it might just be the theme thing, i dunno how helpful that RSS board will be in comparison to my pc. Also, the folder organizing is only for music (playlists), nothing else.

  2. I’m digging the 2.0. The themes are dope; some require HD but Air Paint and Nature are pretty good. The others wash out the screen in white.

    I noticed that the friend list loads names way more snappily now. That is one of my favorite improvements. The info board is kinda useless right now. My other fave thing is grouping all the non-disc games into their own folder, and then sorting thm by the regular creation date and all that. Easier to find Warhawk now. The keyboard has a larger font size i noticed. I dig that. The new PSN logo is kinda hot, too. This machine gets cooler by the day.

    Wish they woulda done something about these annoying friend alerts.

  3. Hmm, I think you are right about the friends list Rollin. Seems snappier. I do hope they have upped the limit on the max # of friends: I have around 50 right now and I’m starting to have people tell me that they can’t add me because I’m full up…

    Yeah the discovery of the Album tag on Videos and Games makes sorting completely awesome. You think it’s extraneous at first but I quite like it.. I just wonder why they didn’t include the Playlist interface that Photos and Music have, since it’s obviously doing exactly the same thing (tagging metadata), but in a shinier way.

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