New PS3 Themes Are Sorta Cool


See, this is how to do things that users appreciate. The PS3 has themes now, but not just crappy proprietary themes, but ones made of standard PNGs and XML. It’s all documented. You can do whatever the hell you like to the look of your XMB now, including editing those hideous friend notifications which is high on my personal list.

I like this approach. It is the exact opposite of the approach others have taken.

In fact, it is just the latest in a long string of very un-Sony-like things that Sony has done with the PS3. (And I suppose the PSP as well, in this particular case.)

One thing I would like to know - the snowy one, it’s called “Nature”. All the icons have snowflakes. Does it change by season? The theme docs mention the ability to embed up to 16 background images that are selected randomly.


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  1. Dude, can you share homemade themes with other PS3 users via the PS3, or do you have to do it externally (i.e. save to removable media…)?

  2. You can do it either way. If you point the PS3 browser at a theme file, it will put it into the appropriate directory when you click the link. Or you can just put the fie on a USB key or memory card (or CD-ROM, or external HDD… anything really).

    The themes are only a tiny bit more complicated than the sort of theme file you would get for a cell phone. Like I said, it’s just a bunch of PNGs and an XML file in a folder.

  3. Another thing i noticed was that friend alerts are way more transparent now and disappear more quickly. Dig that.

    Editing themes is interesting. I imagine you need to do it via a computer?

  4. iev seen custom ones
    they are extremely good lookin

  5. Right here guys!! A whole bunch free…..

    it’s easier if you put on disc or memory card then put it on your PS3
    download make folder name it “PS3″ inside folder (PS3) name it “themes”
    in ps3 system>theme settings up top install one by one kinda sucks but thats how u do it!
    mine looks like halflife nice!

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