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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Impressions


I was running through the jungle.

The pirates were up ahead, screaming alarm positions as I approached. While they were still surprised, I popped off a few shots in their general direction while grabbing some cover behind a log, which was already splintering from the return fire. Just then, one of these assholes starts to try and flank my position. I crawled along some low cover, converging on him, ready to leap out and nail the fucker with a big dropkick.

I make my move – lurching out from cover, I barrel towards the pirate, who is running at me and raising the muzzle of the shotty. Just as I leap into the air for my triumphant blow, the guy does a 3rd-base slide underneath me and puts both barrels right into the middle of my chest, sending me flying backwards and over the edge of the cliff.

I like this game.

The island rainforest level has some of the best outdoor lighting I’ve ever seen. Water actually makes your clothes wet (as well as reacting to bullets with little plumes). Music, unexpectedly fantastic. The simultaneous platform traversal and gunplay really adds a unique twist to the setting – you do not typically expect enemies to start firing at you while you are still leaping from ledge to ledge, but in Uncharted, they will. All of these elements are great by themselves, but the real star of the show is Drake’s animation system. As much as I abhor the term… this is truly next-gen stuff. He flinches when bullets richochet next to his head. He trips. He flails, throwing wild haymakers at baddies. And yet, somehow you don’t feel like the controls are slow or unresponsive. I don’t know how Naughty Dog did this, but I know that I will be paying them for their efforts, with no remorse.


4 responses to “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Impressions”

  1. Easily the best PSN demo yet. My favorite part was that when i died and had to try a certain spot over again, i never had the same experience (gunfight) twice. And i died several times.

  2. You neglected to mention my favorite thing — the top notch acting! I was blown away - this is the first time I’ve ever played a game with Hollywood quality writing and voice acting. I want to play this thing based on that alone!

  3. Uncharted is out. Go buy it.

  4. What?!? It’s out? jesus. No time to play all of these.

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