It Came Back (Part Two)

niceMy second dead Xbox 360 has returned from Microsoft in record time, at least compared to the original trip:

Dead 360 #1: 6 weeks
Dead 360 #2: 5 days

Of course this is a refurb again (sorry; the literature that accompanied my becoffined console informs me in a rather authoritative manner that is a Microsoft Certified Replacement Xbox 360 Console™©®, which as you can see is no mere refurb). There were some brief oaths uttered while setting it up; I thought this one might be D.O.A. as well, but it was just the finicky HDD connector causing trouble.

I’m thinking of doing a multi-part blog on a game I’ve never played properly: Half-Life 2. I know, I know. Shameful. I never got around to it. I had always just assumed I would be in prison at this point, and was saving HL2 for my “go-to” game. Curious to see how it holds up now years later, to someone who is playing it for the first time. Also, in particular I’d like to see how they handle story, since I did play Half-Life but honestly I barely remember it other than the initial tram sequence and something about aliens and crowbars. (It’s just a little too late to review the game. I hear it did well despite my lack of timely kudos.)

Anyways, if the 360 stays alive for a little while I can actually use my copy of The Orange Box for something other than bookshelf decoration.

(Also – it cannot be said enough. I can’t believe how loud the 360 is. I exclusively play it with headphones now. Screw the 65nm chips, I’ll buy the fucking Silent Edition if they ever manage that.)


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  1. Hello nerfgun,

    Cant seem to find any info about system failure rates on the new falcon boards. Same better worse? I read of people bitchin’ but never of which board it is. Perhaps you can able to shed some light on this slutty console.

  2. Yeah I’ve done some digging on the Falcon failure rates as well but nothing substantial has come up. I’ll definitely post something concrete if I can find it.

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