Fall Dashboard Update Is Overwhelming (Updated)


Joystiq has a nice little scoop on the changelog details in Microsoft’s “Fall” update to the 360 Dashboard. They translated it from some sort of early Japanese release. If Joystiq’s bothans are accurate, the list of details is very heavy on organizational tweaks and very light on everything else:

The most significant addition is the reorganization of the “games” blade (pictured above), which now features the “Game Library” (in place of “Xbox Live Arcade”), in addition to the old “Achievements” and “Played Games” sections.

When opened, the Game Library is nearly identical to the current XBLA menu, with a vertically-scrolling games list and an info box appearing for the highlighted game [Famitsu image]. New, however, is a horizontal sorting menu, broken down by filters like “All Games,” “Arcade,” “Demos,” and “Recent Downloads.” (This new horizontal and vertical organization is not unlike Sony’s XMB design — Microsoft calls it “twist” navigation, the same UI used for Zune.)

*snort* Zune! heh. I like the “twist navigation” moniker as well, in that Microsoft’s standard halfassed UI designs are typically cribbed from Apple and then rigorously violated, while a team of lawyers looks on.

Anyhoo, yeah, you can see Friends of Friends and there’s some housecleaning but no DivX or XviD or browser or anything earthshattering. Quelle dommage.

• • •

UPDATE - significant amounts of whelm added! So much for those bothans. There’s a massive list of changes up at and yessir, DivX looks to be in there after all. That’s more like it!

The gist:

  • Improved Video Library.
  • Improved visuals and descriptions.
  • Users can now sort movies and TV Shows in the video library by Title or (Download) Date.
  • TV shows can now be grouped by Series .
  • Group video and game trailers .
  • Art associated with personal video files on a portable device will now be displayed.
  • Easier to use media areas and improved metadata .
  • Improved source selection for video, picture, and music libraries, making it easier to switch between console/digital camera, computer, portable device or disc.
  • New “Suggested Items” link for downloaded movies.

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  1. oooh DivX baby… alright best buy here I come (still only for rental of course - I cant be seen actually giving money to M$ or else I would lose my TTT status)… I thought the PS3 was the one trumpeting support for this, looks like they were beaten to the punch (or perhaps shockingly the PR dept made something up that dev is now figuring out how to get done ;).

  2. bit more detail on exactly what video codecs supported now are:

  3. Thanks for the link Alx, that’s very handy.

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