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Adieu Till 2008

I’m off to Cuba and even stranger parts of the world for the next few weeks. Have a good holiday.
And please, try not to kill yourself. Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to in the next little while. Probably around 3pm.


No More Heroes: Balancing Giddy Raves With My Revulsion

I’ve previously mentioned No More Heroes on this blog, a quirky Wii game now released in Japan. The title had my attention for two reasons:

It is designed by Suda 41, bizarro game designer extraodinaire, who was responsible for the visually interesting yet ultimately disappointing Killer 7

It has lightsabers

The publisher has been extremely stingy in releasing [...]


Custom Soundtracks and In-Game Messaging (sort of) Appear on PS3

High Velocity Bowling popped up on the PS Store yesterday for $11 CAD. This is a game that lets you bowl with the sixaxis by holding the controller sideways and swinging your arm, and releasing the ball with one of the shoulder triggers. Basically like Wii Bowling.
Anyways – I’m not much of a bowler, so [...]

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We’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

Silent Hill is a game series that is near and dear to my heart. Most would agree that it was the first truly creepy videogame, at least as far as psychological horror goes. I noticed over at Clickable Culture that Tony’s got a post about the ’sexy’ zombie-nurse treatment that they are using in Silent [...]

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New GTA IV Trailer Is Up

“Move Up, Ladies”

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Xbox Live Video Marketplace Coming To Canada

According to, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace is finally available in Canada (and some European countries) on December 11th. XBLVM launched a year ago in the U.S.
On the one hand, I really like the idea of downloading individual videos over the web. iTunes still hasn’t gotten their shit together up here so Microsoft is [...]


Letter to Valve

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Half-Life 2
Dear Mr. Gabe Newell,
I had the pleasure of finally playing and finishing Half-Life 2 recently. This is a game that came out in 2004, although of course it has received a bit of an update in the form of your excellent Orange Box product for Xbox 360. As you well know, [...]

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