We’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

Silent Hill is a game series that is near and dear to my heart. Most would agree that it was the first truly creepy videogame, at least as far as psychological horror goes. I noticed over at Clickable Culture that Tony’s got a post about the ’sexy’ zombie-nurse treatment that they are using in Silent Hill V, and how deeply wrongheaded the style is. Obviously inspired by the uninspiring film treatment, they’ve taken a bad idea and cranked it to 11.

He’s completely right of course. It’s not scary, it’s comical; which last I checked is diametrically opposed to horror. You don’t take a sexy nurse and mangle her face – you gotta do something truly disturbing.

Now Richard D. James, he knew something* about taking sexuality and twisting it:

* ok ok, maybe credit goes to Chris Cunningham. Whatever. Leave me alone.


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  1. He knew a little bit about horror too:

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