Yodacalibur? what the hell

I’m experiencing that unconfortable shifting sensation again. I remember this sensation – I had it when I saw screens of Kingdom Hearts for the first time, Cloud from Final Fantasy standing alongside Disney’s damnable rodent mascot. I don’t like fanservice-jerkoff mash-ups. All the different styles colliding just irritates the hell out of me. Super Smash Bros is a nightmare for this as well.

Anyways. There is Yoda fighting in Soul Calibur 4. Darth Vader too. 1Up has the story. Yoda is in the 360 version and Vader the PS3 version exclusively. ‘Cause one is black and one is green, geddit?

I think it’s stupid to have Yoda hopping around like they have done in the newer movies. He should just stand there all zenlike and wreck shit with his mind.

Maybe he’s showboating.


2 responses to “Yodacalibur? what the hell”

  1. Lame.
    Why cant Star-Wars piss off already?
    It should have been Bill Cosby on the 360, and Emperor Hirohito on the PS3. Retards.

  2. I agree; Hirohito vs Cosby is a much better idea. So much better that I’m tempted to photoshop that together just so I can see it.

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