Xbox LIVE’s Mea Culpa Game: Undertow


Microsoft has announced their way of apologizing for nearly a month of flaky Xbox LIVE: a free copy of the aquatic Arcade shooter Undertow. Normally it goes for 800 MSFakeMoneyPoints, or about $10 USD.

This will be available to both vaunted Goldmembers, as well as the wretched Silverlings, beginning next week. If you are one of the dozen people who already purchased Undertow, call Microsoft and yell at ‘em. You can probably swap it for points.

As for the game itself – I haven’t played it so I can’t comment. It looks like a mildly interesting Unreal Engine-powered sidescrolly thing with fancy background effects and some kind of war-with-Atlantean-Frogmen storyline. I am totally down with the Frogmen, I think they’re an awesome bunch of guys.

What do you guys think? Technically MS could have given us all the finger, as the LIVE service makes no warranty and is, uh, as-is. On the other hand, does this little Arcade title really make up for a month of not being able to use LIVE (or even stream your own DivX videos locally)?


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