GT5:P Calls To Me, Siren-Like, With It’s Phenomenal Shinyness, Even Though I’m Not Much Of A Car Person And Could Give A Damn About Tweaking Suspensions

This is the thing with Gran Turismo. It’s such an exquisite simulator that I feel I must own it, simply because I can. If I could put it under glass in a display, running net-fed hotlap data continuously, I would.

I love racing games, but I’m firmly in the Burnout camp. (Or Wipeout. Any “out”.) Too often Gran Turismo is just boring. The painstaking attention to detail, and particularly the masochistic ability to play without the driving aids for total crushing physics immersion, do not actually entertain so much as cruelly inform. It’s like you’re taking a course in advanced driving skills, and all that this entails. Because you are. Really fantastic for car dorks, but otherwise, it’s just a bewildering world of gear ratios and automotive blather.

There was a 1000 mile race in Gran Turismo 4. Do you know how long that takes? If you really wanted to finish that one, you found yourself an elastic.

So when the time comes for another GT instalment, I always figure I’m going to skip it. You need the $250 G25 wheel to make it all work properly anyways, and I’m just not enough of a car enthusiast to really get into…


… u… oh. Shit. The Prologue drops April 17 for $40.

I’m not made of stone.

(GamerSyde has the hi-res versions, which I only recommend viewing if you don’t mind ending up victimized like me.)


7 responses to “GT5:P Calls To Me, Siren-Like, With It’s Phenomenal Shinyness, Even Though I’m Not Much Of A Car Person And Could Give A Damn About Tweaking Suspensions”

  1. Please tell me the prologue is not the same thing as the free demo I dl’d using a fake Japanese user on my ps3.!!!

  2. It’s not the same thing. That is a demo of this. ;)

  3. Sorry, I have played a demo of prologue which itself is a shadow of the final release? Is that right, wtf kinda racket is this?

  4. It’s the Gran Turismo racket. There were $40 “prologues” for GT3 and GT4 as well, they just only sold them in Japan so you’ve never heard of it before.

  5. Prologues for GT2, GT3 and GT4 were all sold here in the United States. But they were for $30, not $40. GT5 prologue is getting the now-standard next-gen $10 premium.

  6. They sold those here? I always thought they were Japanese imports. Huh. Well there you go.

  7. As someone who -does- care about tweaking suspensions, in game and IRL, I’m watching this closely. I’m still enjoying the hell out of Forza 2, and I’ve always thought of GT games as more focused on the cars, and Forza games as more focused on the racing (I realize that’s a subtle distinction). Anyway, I don’t have a PS3 so the discussion is academic for me, but if the full version really is “all that”, I’ll have to give it serious thought.

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