PSP Firmware Updated With The Great Taste Of Skype

 PSP w/Skype

This would be firmware v3.90 if you are keeping score. This one’ll give you the Skype ability, provided you have A) a new thin PSP, not the old phat crap like me and B) a PSP headset, which I hadn’t even heard of before. And then you need to find a WiFi spot that’s open. And a friend with all of the above again. Then you can talk as if you had two cans strung together.

If you are into the homebrew and/or on a phat PSP, I suggest you go on your merry way until a suitably hacked replacement surfaces. (Or go play Beats, it’s only $5 on PSN and it’s pretty good. It’s basically Frequency with your own music.)


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  1. You can also use the camera and or the microphone … That are not sold in north America … Yet.
    but I heard the camera and the gps were finally gonna make their way over soon. God it’s worse than the wait for new Apple products and services in Canada.

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