Dave Jaffe Is The God Of Retort

You may have seen this nice little pick-me-up at the outset of Wired’s interview with David Jaffe (of God of War and Twisted Metal fame):

Apparently when Miyamoto first went to Retro Studios, they were making a car combat game, he said, “Why would you make that? Why would you put a gun on a car?” And they stopped development on the game. So maybe you should answer that question. Why would you put a gun on a car?

Jaffe: You know, honestly, I’ve been too busy recently trying to figure out why the fuck go-karts shoot banana peels.

And, unbeknownst to me, but apparently beknownst to Jaffe, some little crybabies – let’s call them rabid Wii fans, which are quickly gaining a reputation –got all salty and disjointed over the joke. No sense of humour whatsoever.

Anyways, this video reply he made has my vote because it is
a) true,
b) fucking funny and
c) called-for.


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  1. Outstanding.

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