Spore Gets Release Date


September 7th, 2008.

Um…. this looks kinda… goofy? I hope there’s a revolution in gameplay here, because I’m totally underwhelmed by the art style. Looks like a B-level PSP game in some of the shots. There’s movies on the site as well. Of course all the creatures are totally customizable, but still… hm. Really hard to know what to make of this one, it’s been in the works for so long.


2 responses to “Spore Gets Release Date”

  1. What!? Goofy?! Blasphemy! Spore is GOD!!!! Its great, the best thing since sliced bread you cretin, any fool … can see… that … it… Ah shit, you are right. It does look goofy. Bummer.

  2. Nerfgun, I wasn’t that interested in Spore from the screenshots and stuff I’d heard about it but then I saw a pretty long video of Will Wright demo’ing it and it piqued my interest.

    Here’s a link:

    Not sure how it will all turn out, but if it achieves everything they’ve talked about it’ll be pretty awesome, I think. Then again, it could turn out to be the next Black & White for all we know.

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