Talk About Phoning It In


OH HAI, I am everything Nerfgun despises in alien design.

Almost as bad as this guy.

By the way your Mass Effect DLC is available on Live.


5 responses to “Talk About Phoning It In”

  1. Come on, the Black/White Cookie alien is a classic. and really who doesn’t love a Black and white cookie.

  2. It’s funnier to me if I imagine him as all nostrils. No eyes.

    He’s from a planet where HEPA filters grow like the mighty oak.

  3. Thou shall not defame the Gorshin.

  4. I really don’t get this. 60s TV shows had technological limitations that meant that their aliens had to be humanoids with funny bits added on. But there’s no excuse for games (or animated movies and so on) to have the usual, stupid, humanoid-cat or humanoid-lizard aliens. I couldn’t bring myself to play Wing Commander because the kilrathi were just so lame! And then some of them try to justify it with some ridiculous “galactic scattering of the same template” scenario. Gah! Star Control/Ur-Quan should be required playing for everyone who intends to make a game with aliens in it.

    Walking-tanks/mecha are also irredeemably stupid.

  5. Why did Mass Effect have to suck so fucking much? Yeah, it’s not actually a horrible game but so many parts of it were just awful. 6-8 hours works for an action game but that can’t be the extent of your main storyline in an RPG. Everything that wasn’t in the main storyline was absolutely awful. Just garbage they threw on the disc to take up space and make the game look big. Not to mention that it was a technical mess with an only partially covered up story gap right in the middle.

    I just expect so much more from Bioware. The game could have used at least another full year in the oven.

    …Can anyone tell that I’m bitter? I don’t get a chance to say what I really think about the game that often because I’d be considered nothing more than a bashing fanboy by the blithering idiots who think Mass Effect is the best game ever. It just blows my mind that the illusion of “choice” in Mass Effect so thoroughly pulled the wool over the eyes of so many gamers.

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