GTA IV Hypenami Starting To Build

it's true

Liberty City map “leaked“. (> Joystiq)

New trailer. (> Gametrailers)

And now – the RockStar Social Club (> Kotaku). Stat-tracking for all of their games, starting with GTA IV, across Live and PSN platforms. Registration opens April 15th. They’re having a race to see who can finish 100% of the game first for some bonus e-penis cred. They’re also doing a huge virtual map of all crime in Liberty City called the LCPD Police Blotter. This will undoubtedly look like an incomprehensible mash of icons after a week or so. (Or maybe it will be like Bungie’s Halo “heat maps”?)

Also: prepare for the 100% predictable Think-of-the-Children Rightwing Fucktard Backlash that shall invariably ensue with the release of a new Grand Theft Auto, including attendant guest appearances by Jack Thompson, if his preachy ass isn’t already in contempt by then.


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