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PlayStation Network Gets Canadian Price Tweak

As per the PlayStation Blog, and mentioned by Peter Dillie earlier: PSN will see “adjustments” to Canadian pricing starting this Thursday, May 1, in order to bring them into parity with the strong dollar. I’m drinking a fifth of Canadian Club in celebration as we speak. Of course, I was drinking it before I read [...]


Can’t Talk, Cops Will Get Me

So I went to the midnight launch last night and snagged myself a Special Edition PS3 copy of GTA IV. I was out in the middle of nowhere and there were still hundreds of people showing up to find their fix. Waited about an hour in line, not so bad.
I only just had a chance [...]


The Fanboy Fallout Will Be Epic

To say that Grand Theft Auto IV is the most anticipated game of the year for many people would be a bit of an understatement. My own personal hype levels are in overdrive at this point and it’d be about impossible for me to be rational about the game right now. Microsoft and Sony [...]


Make Your Time

Do you know what this is?
Class, anyone?
Answer: this is the last weekend before GTA IV.
Pay your bills. Get your affairs in order. Leave the food out for the pets. Say goodbye to loved ones. Have sex. Forge whatever required doctor’s notes you need. Get your term paper in early. Finish digging your escape tunnel. Leave [...]

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Forum Sightings


Download Haikus

Echochrome is cool.
English demo is out now.
Brain explodes, leaks out.
Call of Duty 4.
Map packs way late on Triple.
Not much more to say.
Ok, Army of Two.
Slam a Dew and run foot-race.
Montréal made this?
Burnout Paradise.
Massive fucking patch kills bugs.
Next up, bikes at night.
Iron Man is shit.
The movie looks sort of neat.
But the game is shit.
Sigh. Lost Odyssey.
Make [...]

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How Can I Not Mention This

Nope, nothing to do with videogames. But…

… it’s a steampunk nerfgun. LOOK AT IT. It’s beautiful. Do you hear me, Hasbro?? Fuck your weak-ass N-Strike bullshit, I want BioShock Nerf.
They don’t hear me, who am I kidding.
It’s still under $200 on the eBay auction page but I’m sure that’ll change in the last, oh, 3-7 [...]


Nice Try

Click for the larger version. You gotta give the creator points for initiative.

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God Bless You, Yahtzee Croshaw

Much like with the Daily Show, sometimes you need to go to the comedians for the truth.


Criterion Devs Caught Taking Trucker Pills

That’s the only thing I can think of that explains the insane pace of Burnout Paradise updates planned this year. The full details are on the Criterion blog.
They’re not kidding when they call it “a year of Paradise”. I posted earlier on the first update, the not-yet-released Bogart patch, set to squish some [...]