I See What They Did There - Assassin’s Solid

This was the best April 1 gag by far. I wonder who approached whom to make this happen.

It’s kind of funny. The joke, that is. But more to the point, the clip contains some mindfuckingly spectacular Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay that sort of overshadows the funny, in the end.

My thought process went something like: “Heh, that’s cool, I wonder how they got that in thOMIGOD HOLYFUCK RUN RUN RUUUUUUUUN” etc.


4 responses to “I See What They Did There - Assassin’s Solid”

  1. wo ai mah? DUI ! DUI ! DUI !

  2. Metal Gear.

    …Metal Gear.


  4. Indeed, sir. Indeed.

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