Hot Sex on Shadow Moses

Do they have GameStops or EB’s in Canuckistan? Unfortunately, it seems that GameStop will be the only place to purchase the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 in North America.

What does $84.99 USD + tax (at least $10 of which must be pre-paid) get you?

  • Two making-of documentaries on a Blu-ray Disc
  • A soundtrack CD for Guns of the Patriots
  • An art book (if you pre-order)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
  • Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2 DVD (if you pre-order, and this also gets you into the Metal Gear Online beta)
  • Exclusive artwork from Yoji Shinkawa

Why does that last point matter? Well, the latest internet meme labels the standard edition boxart as Metal Gear Selleck: Magnum PI Super Mustache Edition. Here’s Snake the math teacher in the official NA boxart:

While not necessarily bad boxart, it really clashes with what fans of Metal Gear Solid are used to. Now, if you were to order the Limited Edition, you’ll get something special on your metal tin. I present, Hot Sex on Shadow Moses:

I may feel a little dirty for pre-ordering at GameStop but I don’t care.

See you all on 12 June 2008.


10 responses to “Hot Sex on Shadow Moses”

  1. Yeah I’ve gotta get the sketchy one, I’ve always loved that guy’s drawings. The Japanese guy from Konami who draws those. That guy.

  2. You mean the guy I mentioned in the post? His name is Yoji Shinkawa.

  3. Oh yes…

    Metal Gear.

  4. Cool to see all the MGS4 stuff that’s been announced. I’m trying to figure out how I’ll be able to get one of those sweet gunmetal grey PS3s, if they’re coming to Canada (which I hope they are).

    And yes, we do have EBs (but not Gamestops AFAIK - at least, not in Calgary) in Canada, Dev.

  5. See, I thought I had read a long time ago that the top lid of the PS3 was removable/replaceable… wouldn’t be the same as the limited edition MGS4/PS3 but it would be close, for less money than whatever they’re going to charge for that thing.

  6. Hmm… if so, Nerf, that might be more sensible to do. Pop the top and then see if I could find a replacement or go ghetto and spray paint it (actually, if I did paint it I’d get my buddy to airbrush it for me). =P Other thing I’ve been debating is waiting till the White PS3s hit Canada (I haven’t seen any yet, aren’t they supposed to be coming soon??) as then all my current-gen consoles would match (360 and Wii are both white).

    Then I just need to rearrange my entertainment center to try and figure out where the hell I’m going to put everything… it’s kinda full already, so I’ll need to remove some stuff… thinking the VCR (the gf and I have like, 10-12 VHS movies combined) and the CD player as all CDs we purchase get ripped and thrown on iPods pretty much ASAP, and we can either hook up the iPods to my receiver or just stream it through XBMC or the 360. Erm… yeah, I guess I do kinda have it all planned out as to where the PS3 would go, already. ;)
    Although, getting the Limited Edition of MGS4 with the gunmetal grey would be worth it. LE box art >>>>>>> Regular box art. Guess I’ll have to check in at the local EB in the next little while and see what the deal is.

  7. To my understanding the Hagane (or as we’re calling it, gunmetal grey) PS3 has a shell that’s made of an entirely different material than standard PS3’s. This extends even to the controller.

    The thing is, if I actually managed to get one of these, I wouldn’t want to use it (especially the controller).

  8. Sadly I think a lot of these gunmetal PS3s will go right into various storage lockers, only to surface on eBay in a couple of years.

  9. I’d want to use the controller but I don’t think I could let myself… wouldn’t want to ever wear out the only controller that matches the system…

    As far as eBay goes… hell, they’ll probably go up there right away. These things could very easily be a hot commodity. If I had the money, I’d almost consider buying a second copy of the LE - the LE for Subsistence (which cost $40 originally) goes for around $120 on eBay.

  10. If I did get one, I’d use it. But then again, I baby my consoles. When I returned my old, phat PS2 before picking up a slim the guy said I must’ve just bought it recently. He was shocked when I’d said I’d had it for two years. I would probably pick up a second DS3 and use that more then the Hagane controller as wear would show up a lot faster on the controller!

    And it’s hilarious… if I can’t get one, I’m thinking I’ll pre-order/get the Limited Edition of MGS4 just for the better box art even though I don’t have a PS3 and might not be getting one anytime soon!

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