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Ikaruga Sidescreen

When I heard that Treasure’s famously rare, punishingly difficult shmup Ikaruga was dropping on Live, of course I had to try it out. The original cabinet is a “tallscreen” aspect ratio, not exactly appropriate for modern televisions. The normal mode of the game is to just pillarbox it graphically, so there is just background texture on the left and right. But… clever monkies that they are, Treasure put in an option to rotate the display. So if you happen to have the an Xbox 360 connected to a widescreen LCD monitor that also supports rotation (or is on a VESA arm in my case), then you can do this:

Ikaruga portrait

… which is pretty sweet.


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  1. [...] Ryan likes to turn his TV sideways while playing Ikaruga. He also wears his shoes on his hands and lives in Rand McNally, where hamburgers eat people. [...]

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