Resistance 2 Teaser Is Up

Resistance 2

Click here (or image above) for the full HD QuickTime teaser. It’s very short, but worth it for that one shot. (I would have embedded it here for you, but GameTrailer’s video system is acting like a petulent 4-year-old with a toothache.)

Seems like they’ve changed Hale’s voice? I’m sure they have. (For the better. Not that he was very talkative in the first one.)

I’d wonder about the realtime nature of that amazing bridge shot, but this is Insomniac after all.


4 responses to “Resistance 2 Teaser Is Up”

  1. I’d definitely say that it’s definitely in-engine… but it’s probably one of those level lead-in cinematics that they touch up a bit. Kinda like the cinemas in Ratchet and Clank Future.

  2. Definitely definitely, eh? I need to keep an eye on that. Oh well, proof reading is for posts, not for comments.

  3. Protip: for 15 min. after you post it, you can click on your comment and edit it. I was just tweaking that very function last night.

    And for those of you who would say, why are you editing AJAX comments on a Saturday night, well, I’ll just mention that the hooker I was doing blow off of WHILE editing the CSS was very impressed.

  4. If you’ll notice, I typed that 38 minutes later. Believe me, your site is very clear about the ability to edit comments.

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