The Idiocy of the Media (Or Why I Gave up Pursuing a Journalism Degree)

I’m a big fan of games that push the envelope without being restrained by the possible controversy. Trying new things, going places where others are afraid… I dig that stuff.

Unfortunately, games are the new rap, which was the new television, which was the new rock and roll. And with our hyped up 24-hour news cycle, this latest threat to American morality gets a whole lot of coverage any time some moron maims his friend because he saw a move in a fighting game he just had to try.

Grand Theft Auto IV is coming out soon and as much as I’m going to love the game, the media coverage of this newly realistic prostitute murder-simulator will soon reach a fever pitch. To say that gamers are more than a little sick of shit this is a bit of an understatement. Not only do we have to deal with Jack Thompson, we have to deal with the jokers at Fox News who take him seriously and give him time on the air to forward his agenda.

Games Radar has a great article up where they take a look into the all-too-probable future:

When Grand Theft Auto IV hits at the end of this month, however, we fully expect the moral-panic machine to kick into high gear. In addition to being deeper and better-looking than the previous entries, GTA IV is one of the most convincing virtual worlds we’ve ever seen. And while the added realism makes a lot of its violence more unsettling than cool, we have every confidence that we’ll soon be seeing all sorts of misconception-riddled stories about how GTA IV glorifies and inspires horrific crimes.

In anticipation of the negative coverage, we peeked into the future (by which we mean “compared what we know about the game with what we know about mainstream news organizations”) for a look at some of the crimes that will foreseeably be linked to GTA IV in the coming months. And to save the media time, we’ve even started their stories for them. You’re welcome, the media.


One response to “The Idiocy of the Media (Or Why I Gave up Pursuing a Journalism Degree)”

  1. Pre-mockery! I love it.

    I think it’s a fantastic idea to pre-write all the angles they will (lazily) try to connect to GTA in the coming months, and then when these stories surface we can say, Ah, that is GTA Outrage Story Template #4, Think Of The Children, with a slight tinge of Story Template #2, Murder Simulator For Sale.

    It would be fairly easy to put together the whole list. Thing is though, you gotta give JT points for creativity. I don’t know if I can predict what that motherfucker will do. For instance I never would have thought picking on Burger King, who was carrying Wii-themed toys, during the launch of Manhunt 2 for Wii, would be a way to attack RockStar at ALL. But he did it!

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