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Bogus GTA IV Intro Making the Rounds

This ain’t real. Although someone put a not-insignificant amount of work into it:

The disc looks wrong to me (artwork and lack of hologram), the choice of intro music really sucks, the animation is simple, there are transitions at key points and of course no gameplay. Besides, I doubt Rockstar would use stills in IV after using video in the intro masks for San Andreas.

Why do people make these things?

(Link > Kotaku)


7 responses to “Bogus GTA IV Intro Making the Rounds”

  1. Seems like such a massive waste of time…

  2. go configure your avatar, it’s driving me crazy.

  3. I HAD an avatar. I have no idea why it went away. I tried out that Gravatar thing you’re linking on the sidebar but it won’t recognize my password, even though I’m using the same login that I use for Word Press.

  4. Gravatar continues to refuse me.

  5. You have to create a new account there, it’s not automatically linked. Just sign up, give them the posting email you use here and it should all just sorta work.

  6. The site tells me that it will use my Word Press account. I suppose it’s always possible that someone already had an account at Gravatar with my username before I had the Word Press account with that name.

  7. Ok I think I figured out what is going on. Check yer Gmail.

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