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Bah, I Wanted the Eyepatch

This MGS4 headset is a rather nice design, as far as hardware tie-ins go. It not only looks like it belongs in the game, but it actually looks pretty good generally. I find that 99% of the time, you do a promo like this, it’s either a huge fugly logo stamped on bog-standard gear, or it’s a little too far into goofy playskool territory.

Still, I want a Solid Eye. To wear in public. I think the neo-cyber-pirate look is ready to burst on the scene. You can’t handle my style.

I saw this yesterday and I was pretty sure it was real, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot and post something potentially fake. That’ll learn me. (Link > Kotaku)


One response to “Bah, I Wanted the Eyepatch”

  1. They should have “Solid Eye System” stamped on there somewhere. Still, at $60 I’m going to give it a pass, no matter how cool it looks.

    My perfectly functional Plantronics headset cost me less than $30 after shipping.

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