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Haze Clears; Demo on May 23

ShackNews says that Free Radical’s new shooter Haze will have a demo released to the PlayStation Network on May 23. I was gratified to see that said demo will contain both a single-player section as well as a 4-player co-op mode. That particular mode has been unique to Halo 3 thus far in the console world.

Haze has had a bit of a rocky history in the press, with various mutations of the title’s PS3-only status fluctuating over time. As it stands now, it looks like it will remain an exclusive (although with UbiSoft you never know. Maybe they’ll release a fucked-up, DRM-riddled mockery of the game like they did with Assassin’s Creed for Windows).

Free Radical has also delayed the game at least twice, which had many wondering about the game’s polish. It hasn’t always been received so well at the various press events, often being described as a lukewarm Halo-wannabe. At the same time, I do believe in the developer’s pedigree. TimeSplitters was great.

I’m still really curious about this game. I like what I hear about the asymmetrical combat between the rebels and the Mantel troopers. A demo could go a long way to redeeming it for a skeptical audience, if it delivers the goods.


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