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No Head-Tracking in Boom Blox? Why?

3D head-tracking hack in action.

I just read that at the recent Nintendo Media Summit, EA mentioned that Spielberg’s pet Wii project Boom Blox would not include the head-tracking mode as an easter egg, as they had previously said.

Why would they take that out?

Ever since 3D head-tracking had been demonstrated using very cheap gear, and on multiple consoles, I had hoped that there was a select cadre of game developers out there who were as enamoured as I was with it. I hoped that they had immediately abandoned whatever projects they were working on in favour of creating their own historic contribution to the paradigm-shifting new generation of head-tracking games. It is so clearly a major innovation in the interactive space, how could they not?

Yet EA took it out of Boom Blox. Even though it was not an officially supported mode.

Is it,

A) some unforeseen technical hurdle, or
B) removal of the easter egg in favour of some other project based on head-tracking, which EA wants to keep “special” because of the new tech?

Or, I suppose it could be

C) Nintendo being retarded

… but I would hope not. It doesn’t make logical sense for them to have a problem with the feature, but they don’t always do things logically.

I just don’t get it.


2 responses to “No Head-Tracking in Boom Blox? Why?”

  1. It’s likely the combined full power of EA and Nintendo’s shared retardation.

    Most likely scenario is that they probably want to build a new controller (new HeadTracker Hairnet!!) for a cash grab.

  2. sweat/rubber band + controller = head mount.. next hurdle?

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