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PlayStation Network Gets Canadian Price Tweak

PlayStation Network

As per the PlayStation Blog, and mentioned by Peter Dillie earlier: PSN will see “adjustments” to Canadian pricing starting this Thursday, May 1, in order to bring them into parity with the strong dollar. I’m drinking a fifth of Canadian Club in celebration as we speak. Of course, I was drinking it before I read the news, but now I know why.

You may remember my much earlier post about currency differences in downloadable content. Sony always had a peculiar price structure – they were charging an even $1-$2 over the US price in Canadian currency. This usually resulted in a slightly-marked-up, but still-tolerable, premium on things like Warhawk, which would have been $40 in USD and $42 CDN. But it rankled with lower-priced items, particularly the Rock Band DLC, which went from $2 USD to $3 CDN. 33% more, even though downloadable tracks from music services such as iTunes and Amazon have been at numerical parity with US prices for a long time, even before the dollar was equal.

Here’s the relevant blurb:

It’s been one of the most frequent requests made during every store update in the past year: Many of you have been asking us to bring Canadian pricing more into line with the exchange rate. As SCEA Senior Vice President Peter Dille mentioned in the comments area of his post on April 15th, “we understand the concerns and are looking to correct the discrepancy.” That time has arrived.

I am excited to let all of our Canadian gamers know that we will be adjusting prices for downloadable content available through the PLAYSTATION Store for the Canadian market as a result of the strengthening Canadian currency vs. the US dollar. We’ll be executing the adjustments in a phased approach prior to the regular PLAYSTATION Store update on Thursday. On May 1, prices on all downloadable content should be updated.

So there you have it.

On the Nintendo front, as I understand it (and someone yell at me if this is wrong), you can buy your Nintendo points online calculated with US currency, which gives you a standard exchange rate. That seems equitable. Stay away from the prepaid cards though, they will never be fair value up here it seems.

That leaves Microsoft waaaay out there in terms of price parity. The last thing I purchased on Live Arcade was Rez HD, a $10 USD title that ended up costing me more like $15 CDN (and of course I have spare points I can’t use.) There’s no excuse for that now, it’s simply straight-up price gouging.


4 responses to “PlayStation Network Gets Canadian Price Tweak”

  1. They’ll move a lot more Rock Band content now! And that lameass skiing game… :)

  2. Yeah, I want to see how Microsoft is going to respond to this… IF they respond, that is!

    If people have a PS3 and Xbox 360, what’s the incentive to buy the same content on the 360 now when it’s going to cost us more? Especially for stuff such as Rock Band DLC. There’s no reason at all, IMO.

    GRARGH!! MS Points pricing is one thing I can’t discuss without getting my hackles up… much anger for it.

  3. Yeah honestly, between the price discrepancy, the draconian DRM, and the overpriced proprietary HDD/memorycard media there’s a lot more they could do with it to make it attractive. Something’s gotta give, especially on a for-pay service like that.

  4. I’m pretty open with the fact that I’m more of a 360 proponent than a PS3 proponent, but I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said.

    I’d love to grab a 120GB hard drive just so I have the room for demos and whatnot (there’s no way in hell I’m d/l movies with my nice slow Calgary internet and with the points price?? yeah, right Microsoft!) but $200 or whatever for that? No way in hell! I’d also like to grab a Memory Unit so I could take my profile to friends’ places if I’m going over to play games, but $60 for the 512MB MU is just stupid.

    The DRM problem with being tied to one console is ridiculously stupid - especially if you want to upgrade/have upgraded or just haven’t had your stuff switched over from a previous repair. That’s one huge problem for me… I now have 16 XBLA games and 15 of them are tied to this console… it’s an older one from 2006 and back then I had an SDTV. Now, I’ve got a nice 42″ Aquos with a shitload of HDMI inputs and I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a 360 with HDMI… the thing is, I’d have to be logged in to Live to play games (which is fine for me as if I’m on the 360 I always log in), but it’d be a huge problem for my girlfriend who has a very, very large Puzzle Quest addiction.

    Good news for me is that I came into some money recently so when the MGS4/PS3 bundle drops in June, I’ll probably be picking one of those up right away. It’ll be nice/interesting to get some hands-on time with the PS3 and all of its features. I’m excited about that!

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