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Forum Sightings: Brucie, is that you?

I’m still officially “not here” but I couldn’t resist pasting this one up from NeoGAF. Made me laugh, I can’t tell if this guy is joking or not:
I’m jacked and tan as fuck, and Wii Fit is calling me overweight.

I’m 265 lbs of solid, jacked, ripped, stacked muscle, and this piece of shit has the [...]

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…While You Make Other Plans

Some of the more astute, and less drunken, members of the readership may have noticed that the blog has been outright neglected these past few weeks. Alas this looks unlikely to change anytime soon, as I have a number of earthshattering projects that require attending-to. Hopefully my return will not be too far removed.


Happy Metal Gear Day, Everyone

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Forum Sightings

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So I Downloaded “Qore”

So curiosity got the better of me and I download an “issue” of Qore, Sony’s new PlayStation Network “broadband magazine”. Despite the horrible sugary aftertaste a nonword like Qore leaves me. (Message to marketing: Eat Qock.) Here’s what I thought.
First off its 1.5 GB and it takes a long time to install, I didn’t time [...]


One to Watch: Dark Void

I love jetpacks. This is what the Iron Man game should have been.

I dig the art direction too, sort of a Rocket Ranger vibe, but updated for today’s modern fancypants HD console.
This was shown at Capcom’s “Captivate” event. Joystiq has a write-up on their impressions of the vertical cover mechanic.
Too bad about the [...]