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So I Downloaded “Qore”


So curiosity got the better of me and I download an “issue” of Qore, Sony’s new PlayStation Network “broadband magazine”. Despite the horrible sugary aftertaste a nonword like Qore leaves me. (Message to marketing: Eat Qock.) Here’s what I thought.

First off its 1.5 GB and it takes a long time to install, I didn’t time it but seemed like at least 5-6 minutes.

The presentation is pretty slick. Looks like a game interface. It starts with a Hulk trailer that I hadn’t seen. You can skip it.

Navigation is dead simple: main menu, 6 items, usual controller buttons do stuff. Each item on the menu is a section and each section has a sponsor. When you load up that section it plays a video ad. Time ranged from 10 to 60 seconds (the MGS4 ad was the 60 second one, the rest were 10-15). All of the ads are for video games: besides MGS4 I saw GH: Aerosmith, GRID, and one other I forget. The only non-game sponsor was for the Download Centre section, which was Burger King, and had a 10 second ad that was just a few slides rather than a commercial. I also noticed that these ads disappear out of Qore after one viewing, so they are not “baked” into the menus and such. I thought that was good, I’d be a lot more irritated if they were there forever. As is, I can stand it, it’s really a very minor nuisance. And apart from that BK Download Center page which had a bigbox ad (for you to stare at while you DL I guess), the rest of the interface seemed bereft of static ads like banners. Some videos also had skip buttons but I didn’t notice a real pattern (they seemed to appear after 10 seconds or something?)

The quality is great, all the videos are 720p. The SOCOM stuff is more extensive than I thought - actually everything is more extensive than I thought. I figured the Force Unleashed section would be a couple of videos but it’s actually 6. SOCOM has hi-res concept art and stuff in a fairly capable viewer (zooming and such), little goodies like themes, etc. Little disappointed with the actual video controls, as all you get are restart, pause and cancel. They really should put in FFWD/RWND. Clips are not so long that it’s a huge deal, but that’s a definite oversight.

You can tell all of this stuff was produced specifically with Qore in mind because they only mention Sony stuff and they reference Qore directly in the interview clips. It’s not culled from other sources, they really do edit stuff. It is basically a magazine entertainment show, except you can rearrange the segments as you like.

Also I didn’t know anything about Afro Samurai other than friends recommending it to me, an me never getting around to it, so I was very happy to watch that stuff. Another illustrative-shaded game for Nerfgun, woo! It looks pretty groovy.

So overall I give Qore a thumbs up, I went in with extremely low expectations but for $3, you know, you could do a hell of a lot worse. It definitely is direct marketing, but if you are interested in the games featured, why not? A hobo’s wages gets you some respectable HD content and the occasional beta pass. I’ll wait and see how a few more turn out before I subscribe ($25/year) but I don’t regret buying it. One thing that gives me pause is the size… at 1.5 GB, issues of Qore* will add up fast, but I suppose you can re-download back issues anytime.

And Veronica Belmont is a little too… cutesy.

* every time I type the word, I need to pluck out a nose hair.


7 responses to “So I Downloaded “Qore””

  1. Thanks for the review, I’d been wondering what Qore is like. Still undecided at this point, but if they feature a game I’m interested in, I suppose I’ll bite. Glad to hear it has a good interface, and is actually exclusive stuff, that they’re not just delaying regular PSN Store content…contrary to what the 600 comments on the PSN blog say. ;)

  2. CUTESY!? OK, fine. There are worse things than that, I suppose! ;)
    Thanks for checking out Qore, we love getting feedback on it!


  3. Sorry V. I do admit, the meat comment made me laugh.

  4. I’m actually kind of intrigued by Qore (god I hate writing that name). Your review isn’t helping me repress my consumer whore purchasing impulses.

  5. I subscribed. The hidden pong game in episode 1 makes it all worth it.

  6. Qore is very well made and navigates well, but I must say the last issues I bought the initial trailer was very gore COD world at war i think) and my kids were in the room and I could not make it stop without exiting out of the Qore magazine back to the XMB. besides that it’s a great game news source for Sony stuff.
    Veronica your doing a good job you seam genuinely interested in gaming.

  7. Looks like a great project to work on and I wonder if you guys know how this will be integrated into home? Do you have any specific details? Perhaps a little trickle of info here - of perhaps lack of it?

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