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This has been bugging me

The lead character from Heavy Rain?

I would watch the trailer and think, man, she really reminds me of someone else I’ve seen before, but I couldn’t quite place it…

… it’s Kim Deal from the Pixies.


Savage Moon? Where do they keep all these freaky little PSN games?

I wasn’t even going to comment on the Red Baron thing. (However, if that had been an HD remake of Cinemaware’s Wings, that would be a completely different story.)
However. I’m finding it a touch strange that Sony keeps materializing these little PSN things out of nowhere, like a street busker with big sleeves.
Like Savage Moon. [...]


Everything about The Last Guy makes me feel stoned

There is a very strange aura around this game, an amazing cloud of Akihabara-hipster-retrograde that simply cannot be real. Which makes me want to run screaming from the room. I didn’t think there was a marketing firm on Earth that was savvy enough to do something like this. The Last Guy, and its developer – [...]


Wipeout “update”: bunch of cockteases, that’s all they are. I found some real info.

Why?! Why do you do this to me?!
A post on the PS blog today:
Legendary WipEout Franchise coming to PSN With WipEout HD – Details here
Hey look, a shiny new Wipeout HD trailer! Splitscreen, nice. Looks great. As it has for over a year.

They open the post with:
Hello, Readers. Daimion here and I’m excited today [...]


The Kid’s Got +5 Heart of Encouragement

I’ll be honest: I didn’t care for the Too Human demo. I wasn’t for or against it per se, but rather, just sort of bored by it. But only sort of. The game isn’t terrible, but it certainly isn’t great, and there’s too much great to choose from these days. Plus the removal of local [...]



If you received an annoying “can’t find it” page in place of citizen game lately, that would be due to the folks at my hosting company using their servers for football practise. Or something. (It’s happened before.)
I’m actively looking for a new host, preferably in Canada, preferably Wordpress-happy so that I can upgrade the thing [...]

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed Demo Impressions

Sweet but very short. Maybe the shortest demo since Heavenly Sword. You get literally half a level, 2 challenge stages (which I haven’t tried yet), and a tutorial. It’s just an appetizer, at best. Capcom could have given us a little more to fiddle with, without screwing with their sales figures, I reckon.
I guess it [...]


This Eden/YouTube thing is sort of nifty

I finally got around to trying out the direct-to-YouTube video recording feature of PixelJunk Eden:

You just enable it through the pause menu, then push R3 to start and stop recording. That’s it. The only way you even know its running is from the Q-Games logo, which appears as a transparency on the lower-left corner of [...]


Massive Crackdown. C’mon, do it. DO IT.

This is slightly old news, but I hadn’t seen it until this morning: VG247 has a rather dramatic quote from Colin Macdonald, the head of Realtime Worlds. They were responsible for the fantastic Crackdown on Xbox 360, and since then, have been pouring their sweat into a new MMO called All Points Bulletin (APB).
Last year, [...]


BitCast #51

The latest BitCast is now available, in which myself and the rest of the BBPS crew bat around our thoughts on Braid, Eden, and other assorted nonsense. Also, you can hear the story that led to my open letter to Dylan Cuthbert.

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Flowing stream of audio justice:

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