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Wipeout “update”: bunch of cockteases, that’s all they are. I found some real info.

Why?! Why do you do this to me?!

A post on the PS blog today:

Legendary WipEout Franchise coming to PSN With WipEout HD – Details here

Hey look, a shiny new Wipeout HD trailer! Splitscreen, nice. Looks great. As it has for over a year.

They open the post with:

Hello, Readers. Daimion here and I’m excited today to release some details on WipEout HD, coming to PLAYSTATION Network this fall. We’ve been mum on WipEout HD recently – keeping many of you in serious suspense, I know - but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been cranking away at bringing you an awesome anti-gravity racing game in 1080p HD!

And then, I snap out of it. This is Sony, this is Wipeout HD. They’re not going to tell me a goddammed thing. So I immediately skip past the entire body of the post to the bottom line, and sure enough:

For more game info check out We’ll be back with more on WipEout HD in the coming weeks, including the details on trophies, price, and release date - see keep your eyes peeled for more here on the–


It’s like I’m a battered wife. All I want is a release date that sticks. Is that SO MUCH TO ASK.


Anyways. Now that I have my little tantrum over with, here are some actual details that we didn’t already know about, courtesy of a forum-goer from who is attending Leipzig this year:

Alright folks, just got back to the hotel from the first day of GC. Now get yourself a glass of water, sit down comfortably and read the news: wipEout HD is at GC, and it’s fully playable. I spent about an hour with a tired Tony Buckley (poor lad had to spend the night on the airport in Frankfurt), and he showed me pretty much everything there is to see and know (I will upload the whole video interview soon-ish). I don’t have much time now, so I’ll just hit you with the hard facts.

Alternative HUDs are in, we get a 2097 and a w3o HUD to unlock in campaign. These are pretty much exactly the HUDs from the respective games, so it’s pure nostalgia here.

The reverse tracks we heard about before are indeed reverse versions of the 8 already confirmed tracks. Chenghou with magstrips looks weird at first, but it definitely works.

All ships from Pulse are back, each with 3 fantastic skins and 1 special platinum skin. To see Icaras in HD was pure wipEout porn, Icaras fans are gonna collapse when they see this.

There is NO option to disable BRs, however Tony assured me that they are guaranteed to work every time now, and also they seem to bite a bigger chunk of out of your ship’s energy, so who knows, maybe they’re not as bad as in Pulse.

Be it due to epilepsy tests or whatever, Zone Mode has been slightly nerfed. Fear not, speed and gameplay are intact, the only thing that’s forever gone are the EQ graphics on all the billboards (they’re still on the track itself though). So, meh, but it doesn’t really matter in the end I guess.

Back to the good news: Split screen works perfectly, you can choose which way you want to split, and it runs at a steady 30fps. Yes, ‘only’ 30, but dead solid. The rest of the game is in full 60fps 1080p glory, of course, and the screen tearing from the preview version has been completely ironed out. This really IS the smoothest game I have ever seen.

Oh yeah, almost forgot: the game will basically have the full functionality of the wipeout-game website’s record tables included and working live, so you always have the world record time displayed to hunt down!

Uhm, what else…
Photo mode has some nice added filters and options, there will be NO replays unfortunately, Sol 2 is a charm to look at in HD, and Tony Buckley is all ways of awesome He couldn’t say anything about the price point of HD, and he only just hinted at a September release (but I guess that’s pretty much on the spot – wipEout IS a September game after all ). He also hinted at the possibility of HD being released on BluRay at a later date, IF there is enough demand. Also, there is no additional downloadable content planned right now, since all of the originally planned DLC is now in the game right from the get-go. They will, however be supporting the game (whatever that means), and IF there’s enough demand, there might be DLC later on.


4 responses to “Wipeout “update”: bunch of cockteases, that’s all they are. I found some real info.”

  1. Nice find!

  2. I can’t even speak rationally about this title anymore.

    Want Wipeout.

  3. It’s encouraging that they’re talking about it again, that tells me the bug is ironed out and it’s in testing once more. The timeframe seems right.

    I guess the silver lining is the polish the game seems to have received in the meantime. I mean, 1080p/60FPS, no tearing… that’s just astonishing.

  4. OK, so they’re saying “sometime in September”? Looks like the fix seemed to be removing the EQ effect from billboards. I originally thought this would hold up the game for much longer. I agree about the Silver Lining.

    So many games coming out in the next few months ….

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