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Wipeout HD impressions

Initial impressions, as expected, can be described thusly:

The hype is true, the screens weren’t lies. It is a stupidly, almost disgustingly well-presented game. I now See The Light on this 1080p/60FPS mantra. I don’t think it’s necessary for every game (or even close) but for racing games like this… it just presents a level of [...]


Neutering the Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox underlings have been scurrying around the internet lately, drumming up support for the forthcoming Dashboard overhaul and the new low price point for the Arcade unit. It’s all a part of their huge fall push. They’ve also now launched a massive ad campaign; MS is going to spend more money over the next [...]



I’m all set up in my new digs now so pseudo-regular posting shall resume shortly. That image above is my new Blade Runner view from my balcony. (The pan stitching made the buildings look totally wonkified. I like it.)
I just put up a post over at the BBPS about the new Life with PlayStation (née [...]


Wipeout HD desktops / XMB backgrounds

I found this utterly gorgeous image over at ThreeSpeech, which I assume was of the “program guide” from the Wipeout event in San Francisco, available at huge resolution. Sadly, the proprietors of that blog felt the need to stamp their big stupid watermark right smack in the middle of the thing, so I consequently felt [...]


Get him a cow…

So I’m watching the new JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost) show on Fox tonight. It’s called Fringe and it’s a trippy mix of Lost and The X-Files. It’s an interesting show (so far) and I could see myself getting hooked, assuming that Abrams actually has an ending in mind this time. Alias and Lost are [...]


Wipeout draws near, I can feel it

Found some more rumours and tidbis of info via the GAF hivemind:

members of the press are getting code now (again)
zone mode is barely ‘nerfed’ as indicated previously; billboards don’t have the EQs but the track still does (go figure)
about 990 MB download size
“There’s a very distinct and long health warning [at] the beginning of the [...]

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R-Type taught me some things

I saw this image of the Large Hadron Supercollider on Joystiq…

… and I had to fight an overpowering urge to fire a stream of blazing laser death right into the centre.
Games do funny things to people.
(Nice giant desktop-worthy version can be found here.)

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BitCast #54

For your boring Monday workday, may I offer you an hour of highly dorkified Rock Band/Guitar Hero discussion?

iTunes subscriberizer:

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Jaffe is way over the line. The AWESOME line.

He’s wrong about one thing: Sarah Palin is also good for one other thing.
A cautionary example.
(Not to get all politicky. Hell, it’s not even my country.)
Also, GamePolitics shouldn’t concern itself with what Dave Jaffe’s employees think. That’s not their role.


Listen to this podcast. I demand it.

1UP FM, formerly known as EGM Live, has a shockingly good podcast this week. I’m late in getting around to it but it was one of the most enjoyable academic discussions of games and game theory I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. It features Jonathan Blow and David Hellman of Braid fame, and Rod [...]

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