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Get him a cow…

So I’m watching the new JJ Abrams (Alias, Lost) show on Fox tonight. It’s called Fringe and it’s a trippy mix of Lost and The X-Files. It’s an interesting show (so far) and I could see myself getting hooked, assuming that Abrams actually has an ending in mind this time. Alias and Lost are two shows that were great at times and suffered because the creators came up with a concept and just ran with it instead of taking the time to flesh it out.

Alias fell apart after three seasons and the second season of Lost was just awful before they got their shit together. Nevertheless, I do find myself getting sucked in, thanks largely to an excellent cast. Joshua Jackson is making quite the comeback but the star of the show is a woman who I have never seen in film or television before.

And yet, I found her hauntingly familiar. I recognized that face. I recognized that voice. And I recognized that acting. Who is this person?

I know her! It’s Heavenly Sword’s Nariko! Or, as she prefers to be called, Anna Torv.

You won’t find the same melodrama that was present in Heavenly Sword (though John Noble makes for an interesting Kai analog) but fans of Heavenly Sword or the aforementioned X-Files and Lost might want to check it out. The premier will air again this Sunday on Fox (as well as on demand on their website starting tomorrow) and new episodes will air Tuesdays at 9/8pm Central after House.


5 responses to “Get him a cow…”

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe Pacey is in it. I want to see it, but I still have to catch up on all my other shows: Lost, BSG, The View, etc…

  2. You picked a perfect shot, I really did think “Nariko” when I first saw that photo. Gotta be those cheekbones.

  3. Or, better yet, check out and bittorrent it! Wait, i sound like a spammer… drat.

  4. The cheekbones… and the lips and the noise and the jaw line… about the only thing they tweaked for Nariko was the hair color and the tilt of the eyes. It’s kinda striking.

  5. I found a better image that I felt the need to share, hence the edited post.

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