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Wipeout draws near, I can feel it

Found some more rumours and tidbis of info via the GAF hivemind:

  • members of the press are getting code now (again)
  • zone mode is barely ‘nerfed’ as indicated previously; billboards don’t have the EQs but the track still does (go figure)
  • about 990 MB download size
  • “There’s a very distinct and long health warning [at] the beginning of the game” - heh
  • rumoured release date is now September 25

That sounds about right to me, considering what’s on deck for October and the fact that they’ve started telegraphing that on the PS blog. Of course, considering the previous delays, it makes more sense to be overly pessimistic here, but… fuckit, I WANT TO BELIEVE.

And now, here is a goofy German fansite video (the interview is in english) showing the build that was at Leipzig. You can see a few different HUDs in there, the Pilot Assist feature for babies, as well as the even-more-detailed Photo Mode.

The Germans love Kraftwerk! Imagine that.

It’s kind of weird seeing this hi-def, 60FPS version of Wipeout with the XL/2097 HUD and the music from Wipeout 3 playing on the soundtrack. It underscores the “greatest hits” sort of feel to the game; like all other Wipeouts have combined, Voltron-like, into this new craziness. Frankly if plays as perfect as it presents, I’m not sure where they can take Wipeout from here, other than the obvious – extra downloadable tracks and ships.


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