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Wipeout HD desktops / XMB backgrounds

I found this utterly gorgeous image over at ThreeSpeech, which I assume was of the “program guide” from the Wipeout event in San Francisco, available at huge resolution. Sadly, the proprietors of that blog felt the need to stamp their big stupid watermark right smack in the middle of the thing, so I consequently felt the need to remove it. (Hooray for the clone stamp.) (Update: ThreeSpeech has reposted the image without the watermark. I guess they saw me bitching in the comments section. Nice of them to do that. Unsullied image available here.) I also re-tooled the imagery a bit to fit today’s modern widescreen desktops, as the aspect ratio was all wrong in the original. I did all this just to fulfil my own slavering Wipeout fanboyism but I though some of you fine folks might enjoy it as well.

Note that these are big suckers, as I have saved them at maximum quality.

Wipeout HD Nerfgun desktop remix (1920×1200, 880k)

Wipeout HD Nerfgun desktop remix (1680×1050, 698k)

Also, as per Deviation’s request, I made some quick + dirty PS3 XMB backgrounds @ 1080p rez.

Wipeout HD XMB - Auricom version (1080p, 930k)

Wipeout HD XMB - Piranha version (1080p, 452k)

We also know now that the price for WHD will be a ridiculously cheap £11.99 – which I imagine will translate into roughly $25 in the US and Canada. I was expecting higher.

And now I must say farewell for a short time, as I need to put my computer into a box and move 400km away to Toronto. See you next week.


5 responses to “Wipeout HD desktops / XMB backgrounds”

  1. Gorgeous. Might I suggest a 1920×1080 version for PS3 friendliness?

  2. Thanks, Nerf. :)

  3. Good idea Dev. Good XMB backgrounds need some shading to be readable (these things are super contrasty) so I did two versions. Check yer PSN mail.

  4. Thanks man! That Piranha pic looks awesome as my PS3 backdrop. While I previously thought it was a rather lame theme, the Home Theme for beta signup looks very good with this as a backdrop. Very, very cool.

  5. I’m using that Piranha pic as my PS3 wallpaper and as my desktop wallpaper. I’m using the graffiti theme to go along with it. Looks incredible, thanks a bunch!

    Make more posts, and get some more patches released…

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