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Going dark for a bit

Need to make some changes to my, ahem, service provider, and by service I mean fucking pain in the ass provider…
so if you come here in the next little while and see nothing/error 404 – pardon my dust, I’ll be back soon.

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Our Big Trip To A Furniture Store Rented Out By Sony

(This is a writeup of my impressions of the fall Sony event; for a more complete look at everything, make sure you click over to the BBPS to get Jim’s take as well.)
Thanks to Jim’s meticulously groomed connections, he was able to score me a press pass to this event yesterday in Toronto. Which was [...]


New BitCast(s)!

I’m slacking in my notifications duties. A new BBPS BitCast went up yesterday, #56. We talk about the truck-sized holes in our collective game experiences, meander off into MMO territory too many times, and cap it off with the new Game Over Rant – because you know, we felt that we don’t complain quite enough, [...]

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I regret nothing at 1000 KPH

Some of you might be wondering, why the hell hasn’t Nerf posted lately?
And if you really know me, then you already know the answer.

I tend to prefer the Piranha. Even though she is a fickle bitch and hard to control, she goes like hell. Also, I’ve been using the motion controls since game 1 and [...]