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Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

…. for you have solved 2008. You solved that game tape.

There’s a collection of end-of-year-listy type things over at the BBPS, if you’re interested.
Have a good one folks, I’ll see you in the future.
p.s. do you know when Buck Rogers was supposed to have taken off from Earth? 1987. hahaha.

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Home State: Dec.22

I’ve decided to begin a series of brief, encapsulated snapshots of the hilariously beta Sony Home project. So people have an idea of what to expect.
Rather than bang out a bunch of words, because who reads those, these reports will feature a picture of an everyday relatable object or activity that surmises the “fun potential” [...]

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Random Post-Apocalyptic Thought

Does anyone else notice that practically every “main” quest-giving NPC in Fallout 3 is some sort of disaffected scientist, who is conducting ungodly experiments in some improbable hovel, and who just wants to be left alone to do science without outside interference?
There’s, like, at least four people like that. Including your Dad.
Just kinda weird.

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These guys have really, really outdone themselves on this expansion back. Un-frickin-believable.

I mean, the paintball gun alone is huge for LBP creators. It’s exactly what I needed for the level I’m working on myself.
Also, I love Sack Raiden:

All details on the MGS “level pack” and suits for LittleBigPlanet are on the Sony blog. It’ll be [...]

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iKnow it has no buttons, but…

…. damn. Looking good.
Metal Gear Portable Ops for PSP:

Metal Gear Solid Touch:

On rails, do you think? Hard to say. The iPhone has more oomph in it than people think.


Going Home

With all the fits and starts customary to Sony, the long-awaited and -maligned and -mocked Home online social service opened it’s expensive polygon gates yesterday to the PS3-owning masses. They tend to call these things a roll-out, and roll-out it did, in exactly the manner a flaming earthbound meteor would roll-out, which is to say, [...]


Duty of Publisher

Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
What order are those in? It’s not exactly obvious, is it?


BitCast 61

Almost 2 hours of sonic nrrrd. Lots of end-of-year stuff, Jim’s obsession with tower defence, Kevin’s love affair with Left 4 Dead, my bitching/praising about Fable 2, Dan of the 50-Wave Horde… that sort of thing.

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What’s this? More fodder for my inner art whore?

I’ve been accused at times of being a graphics whore. But in reality, what I’m a whore for is the art itself. Technically impressive games can bore the crap out of me if the art isn’t up to snuff and great art can make a relatively simplilstic design stand out for me. I can tell [...]



This image is very interesting, because what you see in it depends on where you are coming from as a gamer. Or so it seems. This was put out by Kojima Productions today as a little teaser.
I see: the 360’s green colour, a PC’s (well, everything really) power symbol, and little Wii-style “i”s.
“A next Metal [...]