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Mad Shopping Spree in Home Public Beta

As foretold in the ancient prophecy: if you are in on the Sony Home beta, you can now go pillage the Mall stores and their newly-populated virtual goods for the low low price of free. Don’t know how long that will last, so, if you happen to be in that ridiculously fractional proportion of humanity that is a) in the beta and b) interested in such things – by all means, go forth and enrich your life with hallucinatory bling. I know I will.


2 responses to “Mad Shopping Spree in Home Public Beta”

  1. I added a robot to my Summer Home the other day. He’s seeking out the Teddy Bear who is hiding near the fireplace.

    That’s about the most fun I’ve had with Home.

  2. Home is still an empty nothing, IMO. I want to see parties and game launching from the XMB. The PS3 can already do group chat so that’d be the ideal place to launch it from since you can essentially already form a party that way.

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