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This image is very interesting, because what you see in it depends on where you are coming from as a gamer. Or so it seems. This was put out by Kojima Productions today as a little teaser.

I see: the 360’s green colour, a PC’s (well, everything really) power symbol, and little Wii-style “i”s.

“A next Metal Gear game”… is… multiplatform?

We know there are trademarks already for “Metal Gear Existence”. But this might be something else. The url has “MGST” in the title… Metal Gear Solid Tactics? Trilogy? Tofu?

Any guesses?

[edit - just remembered the "!"s in Metal Gear Ac!d... hrm]

[edit 2 - Metal Gear for iPhone/DSi?]


3 responses to “MGS WTF”

  1. Downloadable Metal Gear Acid title available on XBLA, PSN and Wii Ware?

    I’ve seen rumors before about a “trilogy” being ported to the 360 but they’ve all been rather thoroughly debunked. There was even a faked news release at one point.

    As I’ve said from the very beginning, I won’t be surprised if MGS 4 ends up on the Xbox 360 eventually but this seems like something else, something new. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, eh?

    I can tell you that Endymion is, predictably, quite excited.

  2. Supposition at Kotaku is that this will be an iPhone/iPod Touch game, likely based on the Metal Gear Acid series.

  3. I bet that the power symbol at the end means that it’s an online title.

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