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PS3 Trophy breakdown

Found this whilst lurking the fora… the breakdown for PS3 trophy values, and how they are assigned to the various “scope” of titles…

*****POINT VALUES*****
Well trophies are assigned a point value (basically the “exp” you get from that trophy).

Bronze = 1
Silver = 2
Gold = 6
Platinum = 12

*****POINT LIMITS*****
Games have a different point limit depending on the type of game it is.

BluRay Games: 82 points
PSN Games (big): 70 points
PSN Games (small): 21 points
Add-ons: 6

This is why the “Brother in Arms” trophy is a Gold one. It uses the 6 points alloted in the Co-op add-on in one trophy.
Small PSN games are the ones for about $5-10, like SSHD or PixelJunk Eden. Big ones are games like WipEout HD that cost around $20.

*****LEVEL EXP*****
1–>2: 14
2–>3: 26 [40]
3–>4: 40 [80]
4–>5: 80 [160] (not 100% sure)
5–>6: 105 [265] (not 100% sure)
6–>7: 135 [400] (pretty sure)

I find the levelling system to be a fascinating design choice, even if it doesn’t actually mean a damn thing right now other than e-peen bragging rights. But it goes to show you, it’s not the same as just dropping a few digits off the end of a XBL GamerScore, since the level progression is not logarithmic.


2 responses to “PS3 Trophy breakdown”

  1. This seems like a reverse engineered hack of the system. Actually, there was a slip on the Mahjong PS Blog post saying “30 points and a silver trophy”. It may be that not all trophies are created equal. If you earn the trophies, you see that all 12 bronzes are all 5%, and the 4 silvers are all 10%, which would mean the total for a “small” $10 title is 300 points; 15 points for bronze and 30 for silver.

    It’s a bit of a stretch, but … A small title getting 300 points to allocate sounds about right. It also holds with the idea that 1 silver = 2 bronze. But I also suspect that the trophies have ranges of point values, just like achievements, not 3 fixed values.

    I’ll test more when Sony fixed my poor YLOD PS3. :(

  2. This system doesnt work…it mathmatically doesnt make sense…look at the level exp section…do the math it doesnt work…you may have the break down of the brozes but you must be messing up on the values of the silvers, golds, or platnium….im lvl eleven with about 34% and 979 points acording to this system…it doesnt work

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