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PixelJunk Eden patch goes live today

Eden - now with 33% more relaxing

(In North America, anyways – the patch already dropped in Japan and Yurop. Why do they stagger game patches like that?)

I’ve been waiting for this one myself, purposefully putting off playing Eden until this patch hits. Much like PixelJunk Monsters (and my attendant whining to the creators), I love the game, but find it a tiny bit on the difficult side.

Actually – strike that. Eden is really not all that hard compared to Monsters, but it really feels like it should be more relaxing. The nice floaty physics, deep house vibe, and trippy colour palette all scream “chill out game*”, but that damned timer oscillator keeps you moving in a slightly frantic way that mars the overall experience. If you’ve played Eden, you know what I’m talking about: you start to notice the thing blinking at you, so you begin looking for time crystals, miss a jump and fall 45 fucking screens down, cursing all the way. (In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I’d like to see a no-timer mode, with trophies disabled. Like the no-fail party mode in Rock Band. I understand the point of the timer for gameplay reasons, but it’s just too short.)

What the patch released today does give us:

  • slightly tweaked new control scheme (optional I think)
  • new multiplayer camera (most welcome)
  • new continue system to spawn at last collected Spectra (although this kills trophy awards, to “preserve the pride” of those who did it without the new system)
  • large time crystals will now greatly replenish the oscillator (halfway)
  • and probably some other stuff

Dylan Cuthbert also announced on the official entry that there will also be an Eden “Encore” expansion forthcoming, in the same vein as Monsters.

*I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you are stoned, between this and stuff like Fl0w and Everyday Shooter, the PlayStation Network has you covered.


2 responses to “PixelJunk Eden patch goes live today”

  1. “new continue system to spawn at last collected Spectra (although this kills trophy awards, to “preserve the pride” of those who did it without the new system)”

    Fuck their pride. This is how the game should have been from the start and I should be able to earn trophies now that I’m actually willing to play their game.

  2. Do I HAVE to use the new “continue system”? I still need a couple trophies. I haven’t downloaded the update yet, in fact this is the first I’m hearing that the update has been released. An option to toggle the Oscillator on/off (even if it toggles trophies on/off also) would be a nice addition.

    I couldn’t agree more with that whole paragraph starting with “Actually…”. Game really is deceiving. I bought my nephews a PSN gift card for Christmas and this was the first game they bought with it. I laughed on the phone to my brother when he told me. Not as easy as it looks. I told him wait till he gets up a few levels and 7 onwards are brutal. Definitely can be a buzz kill.

    Possible Feb release for Flower! I have Everyday Shooter, played it only a couple times. I have to get in the right mood and give it another go around.

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