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Nerf’s Game

Some of you may have heard of Bob, and his quest to get his homebrew DS game published.

Inspired by what is so obviously a brilliant and sane young man, with no crazy notions whatsoever, I decided to follow his lead and stage my own virtual Tensai sit-down Protest, over the lack of features and content in Home.

So without further ado – click the logo below to begin.



4 responses to “Nerf’s Game”

  1. My fucking eyes, you bastard! zOMG the PAIN!!!

    Also, finished Uncharted on Normal last night. Very good game, if a little short IMO. Thinking I’ll have to replay it on hard and then (maybe) crushing as those trophies are a)fun, b)easy and c)addictive just like achievements.

  2. Uncharted on Hard: a very satisfying, challenging experience

    Uncharted on Crushing: a wrist-gnawing, hair-whitening descent through an army of crackshot bulletsponges

    you have been warned

  3. Besides the sewer area, crushing wasn’t really all that bad for me. I died probably 25 times there, but after that I really had very little problem beating it.

  4. I made it through the sewer without that much of an issue but I lost my will to complete the game on Crushing soon after for some reason. I don’t even know why.

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